For the intrepid and the wary


It seems we’re now in a place, all over the world, where people are having to make their own individual and very personal risk assessments and decide for themselves what they’re willing to do in terms of being out in the world. Unless you’re in a re-locked down area (Leicester, Melbourne), the guidance about where and how far you can go, and with whom you can mix, is seemingly random and decidedly vague – a vagueness that’s frustrating for some, liberating for others.

Bledsoe’s recognises this spectrum of responses, and we have something to fit all temperaments – bright and fun storage baskets for the wary ones staying close to home, and lively phone/passport bags for the intrepid travellers heading out further afield.

Here are a few examples of the way people are using their Bledsoe’s baskets – as desk tidies, for toy storage, as plant holders, for tools. And an example of our Dot phone bag, adapted for a customer with a zip for safety and an inside pocket for a credit card.

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