Gadget bags and zippered purses

Handy fabric zippered bags for everything from phones to cameras, for phone chargers and cords, and for toiletries, jewellery, pencils and coins. Fully lined with contrasting fabric (some with wipe-off lining, good for toiletry bags).
Zippered ditty bags £20
Zippered toiletry bag sets £35 for two (large and small)

Handprinted fabric bags

A special line of Bledsoe’s bags, made in summer 2019 from hand-printed fabric using natural dyes and inspired by the Women’s Work exhibition at the Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft in East Sussex. The fabric-printing workshop was led by Sarah Burns, pattern maker and co-author of a wonderful recent book on textile printers Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher.

And more Bledsoe bags from handprinted fabric, from spring 2020 (in our Covid-lockdown printing workshop)