Who we are

Who are we? Two sisters making fabric bags for one-of-a-kind people. We are a transatlantic partnership but we thrive in the local, the community, the face to face.

Bledsoe Bags brings old and new together. We use both new and recycled fabrics for zippered purses, tote bags, and cases for gadgets like iPads and iPhones.

We collect fabric – way too much fabric (!), but it’s great when people send us scraps from curtains and upholstery. We also collect stories, including those people tell us about what they use their Bledsoe bags for.

About us

Bledsoe Bags is a sewing venture started (with the name Bledsoe’s Sew-n-Sew) in 2011 by two sisters who love fabric and old things. We also love family stories. And we love to combine fabric with family stories – yours and ours.

A sewing machine with a story was the inspiration for Bledsoe’s. Our maternal grandmother was Elma Bledsoe. Her cousin, Vida Sue Bledsoe, moved to New Mexico in the 1930s and gave Elma her Singer sewing machine. Elma kept it, and used it, in Louisiana and Arkansas for many years.

Vida Sue’s sewing machine now lives in Atlanta, with one of Elma’s granddaughters, and is still going strong.

We founded Bledsoe’s in East Grinstead (a long story, but a lovely one), and we still show at the Mansion Market in Forest Row, East Sussex. All our fabric items are handmade by us in Atlanta, Georgia or in London, England.

We’ve now expanded to fused glass, handprinted cards, and even handprinted fabrics for our Bledsoe Bags.

Contact us

You can contact us to make an order or just say hi at margtdoyle@gmail.com or at sudoyle@yahoo.com