It’s not always black and white….

Milky Way – H Variation, Nettie Young (1971)

….but sometimes it is. Sometimes a bit of black and white and a spot of red brings some certainty to an uncertain world.

We’ve made some beautiful sturdy bags (for going back to school and work) featuring black and white and red – backpacks, tote bags, and our handy walkabouts with matching facemask.

Read more about our backpacks.

Read more about our tote bags.

Read more about our Dot and walkabout phone bags.

Read more about our zippered gadget and toiletry bags and our basket sets.


Get in touch with us via the Contact page, or come and see us at Couture Collective, 658 Fulham Road, London SW6 5PY. Our Open Days are the last Saturday of each month – next one 26 September – but we welcome visitors at any time when we’re there in the workshop.

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