We need to talk about Christina….

…and about Jackie, and Boxy, and Dot. These are all names we’ve given to our bags over the years, usually in a random way named after a childhood friend, a son/nephew’s girlfriend, and our favourite dog. Just a bit of fun.

Naming the Dot after our mother Dorothy (nicknamed Dot) wasn’t random, since she designed it so she could have hands-free access to her phone. She was thrilled that it became so popular. The zippered walkabout version (as in the Bledsoe & Bristowe limited edition, here) is a development from the trusted easy-access Dot design.

But we really need to talk about Christina. The inspiration for the name is no longer in our lives, but for some reason we decided to name our cross-body bucket bag after her, years ago. It’s one of our mainstays, a regular favourite among our on-the-go customers.

Each bag is unique – a one-off, just like our customers!

Our bags (Boxy tote bags, swinging cord bags and bucket bags, phone bags and walkabouts, backpacks, baskets and toiletry sets) are all about the fabric and its own integrity. That’s why we keep the bags simple, to highlight the pleasure to be found in fabric for its own sake.

And that’s why we like to sell our bags in person – to give people a chance to feel the texture and the weave, to try on the bags, to chat with us and to explore what fits with their personality and style. In these difficult times, with no in-person craft fairs and festivals, it’s not easy to convey all those sensations virtually.

You can see our bags in person in Atlanta at Spruill Gallery’s Fall Into the Holidays artists market and, this weekend, at the Craft Crawl in Virginia Highlands, and at our London workshop at Couture Collective. And if that’s not possible, please contact us to let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll work on it together.

4 thoughts on “We need to talk about Christina….

  1. I think I have at least one of every design. They are so beautiful. It is great to have just the right bag for every purpose and occasion! Thanks Bledsoe Bags!


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