Welcome to 2022!

The Bird. Two Lovers, 1931. Woodcut by Eileen Agar

Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters!

January always brings a blend of remorse and anticipation, we find, and this year even more so given that we’re still, yes still, riding the coronacoaster. Who would have thought Covid-19 would become Covid-22?

But there are reasons to be cheerful. Some folks are beginning to feel confident in making plans, hopeful that lockdowns are behind us, and possibly even optimistic that we all will have learned something valuable about interdependence, resilience, and which jobs really matter.

And another reason to be cheerful – you can now purchase Bledsoe Bags directly from our website! We’re always happy to see our friends and supporters in person, but if that’s not possible, be assured you can still get your hands on our fabulously fun handmade bags and baskets – for yourselves or as gifts for friends.

We’re starting with our Wearable Art – the limited-edition collaborations we’ve been doing with two fantastic London creatives – linoprint artist Jane Bristowe and batik artist Annie Phillips. We have their artwork – Jane’s Lobster linoprint and Annie’s brilliant batik Tonal Dance.

Just go to our Wearable Art page to check out these limited editions and order online.

And if you’re in London, stop by and see us at our shared shop at the friendly Couture Collective at 659 Fulham Road, SW6 5PY. Our new Bledsoe Bags window for the month suggests that despite the polarised world we live in, it’s not all black and white…..

Hope to see you soon!

Susan and Margaret

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