Wear and re-use, then repeat

We’ve been having fun repurposing some much-loved pieces of clothing we no longer wear – turning vintage skirts and tops into our signature Walkabout phone bags. It actually takes much longer to take something apart and upcycle it than to make something from a pristine piece of fabric, but it’s worth it!

We’ve also used some fabulous vintage ties in storage baskets and gadget bags – great for plant baskets or to hold all your cords and chargers.

If you have a much-loved piece of clothing, something of sentimental value or just something you’ve loved (nearly) to bits, get in touch with us about how we can give it new life by turning it into a Bledsoe bag. Maybe a phone bag, a zippered gadget bag for cords and chargers, a make-up bag…there are many styles to choose from.

Walkabouts and Dots

Gadget bags

Cross-body bags

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