Wearable art

We’re making wearable art with our two new artist-maker collaborations!

The Lobster Series and Tonal Dance

Bledsoe Bags has teamed up with linoprint artist Jane Bristowe for a limited-edition collaboration – The Lobster SeriesJane is a Fulham-based artist whose work we’ve featured before in our Dog Walkabout bag and our Curious Cat/Ginger Cat storage basket. We’re making Bledsoe’s signature Walkabout phone bags as well as pencil/glasses cases, gadget bags, and toiletry bag sets using fabric printed with Jane’s characterful linocut lobster print. 

We’re supporting The National Lobster Hatchery (NLH)which helps conserve native lobster populations and protect the long-term future of vulnerable marine species, the seafood industry and all who rely on it. 10% of each sale will be donated to NLH.

  • Walkabout phone bag       £30
  • Pencil/glasses case            £20
  • Gadget bag                        £25
  • Toiletry bag set                  £35

And we’ve teamed up with batik artist Annie Phillips for a limited-edition collaboration – Tonal DanceAnnie has been a batik artist and teacher for most of her adult life and her passion for the medium comes through in her brilliant artwork. We’re making Bledsoe’s signature Walkabout phone bags and popular Boxy tote bags as well as pencil/glasses cases using fabric printed with Annie’s bright and lively Tonal Dance batik artwork. 

  • Boxy tote bag £65
  • Walkabout phone bag £30
  • Pencil/glasses case £20

All bags are machine washable and are handmade in our Fulham workshop. They make great gifts, and we can wrap and send them out for you. Easy peasy gift giving!

To order, go to the Wearable Art page where you can purchase by Paypal or credit card. Or contact us via the Bledsoe Bags website (www.bledsoebags.com) or email Margaret Doyle at margtdoyle@gmail.com, or contact us to arrange a visit to see us and our bags at Couture Collective, 659 Fulham Road, London SW6 5PY.

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